What to Say When Your Child Misbehave in School Due to ADHD

Every parent understands that raising a child with ADHD comes with its unique set of challenges. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right words to say when your child faces difficulties in school due to their ADHD. It’s essential to affirm their value and strength in moments of adversity. Here are some comforting words you can share with your child to remind them of their inner strength and unique perspective on the world:

1. Celebrate Their Unique Learning Journey

“You know, your ADHD doesn’t make you less of a person or make you naughty; it means you learn in a different, special way! Think about how you overcome daily challenges that others can’t comprehend; that’s tough, and it shows strength.”

2. Remind Them of Their Resilience

“Do you remember a time when you realized that you were different, and instead of letting it get to you, you became stronger and more resilient? That strength stems from your unique way of experiencing the world because of your ADHD.”

3. Acknowledge Their Self-Esteem

“I’ve noticed how strong your self-esteem is. Just because you behave differently in school doesn’t mean you’re bad. It means you’re strong and special, and I’m proud of you.”

4. Encourage Them to Stay Strong

“If someone tells you you’re naughty because of your ADHD, that doesn’t mean it’s true. They might just be trying to push away their own struggles. That’s why you need to stay strong; I admire you for that.”

5. Inspire Them to Be Strong

“Sometimes, people tell others they’re bad to try and hide their own pain. If someone said your ADHD makes you bad, they might be dealing with their own insecurities. Remember how strong you are, it’s truly inspiring.”

6. Remind Them of the Love Surrounding Them

“I know hearing something like that can sting, but it doesn’t define you. Those who know you, love you for who you are. When others try to bring you down like that, use your inner strength to rise above it.”

7. Reinforce Respect for Their Strength

“Don’t let anyone tell you that your ADHD makes you misbehave. It could be they are struggling with their own issues and are taking it out on you. I respect your strength and positivity.”

8. Applaud Their Strength

“Your ADHD is part of what makes you unique. If anyone tells you that it’s the reason for you misbehaving, don’t believe them. They are dealing with their own problems. I admire you for staying strong.”

9. Highlight Their Positive Attitude

“Every time someone throws a challenge your way, like saying your ADHD makes you misbehave, and you respond by staying positive, shows your inner strength. It’s this attitude that will help you grow and live a peaceful life.”

10. Remind Them They Are a Superstar

“Remember, ADHD isn’t a curse, it’s just a different way of interacting with the world. It doesn’t make you bad, or naughty. In fact, it makes you unique. Those who tell you otherwise might just be dealing with their own problems. You, on the other hand, are an absolute superstar.”


Navigating school and social settings can sometimes be hard for a child with ADHD. As a parent, offering words of affirmation and encouragement can foster resilience and a strong self-esteem in your child. Reminding them of their inner strength and unique perspective can be a source of great comfort and motivation to them, helping them to overcome challenges and flourish in their own special way.

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