Celebrating the Impact of Mastery Martial Arts: Stories from Our Parents

At Mastery Martial Arts, we’re dedicated to transforming the lives of our students through the principles of discipline, respect, and self-confidence. Our instructors and programs are designed to empower children and help them become the best versions of themselves. But don’t just take our word for it—hear directly from the parents whose children have experienced the positive changes brought by Mastery Martial Arts.

Instructor Reviews

JL Songs shares the inspiring journey of their son, who has been with us for 2.5 years. They commend Ms. Davey, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Martinez for their dedication and selflessness. These young instructors are respected for their individual attention to each student, helping them build confidence and the belief that they can achieve anything. JL’s son, who was once hesitant, now boldly tries new things, even mastering flips in the pool after just one XMA class. The respect these instructors have earned is something JL hopes their son will emulate as he grows.

Megan St. Amante speaks highly of Mr. West and the Smithfield staff, highlighting the transformation in her daughter since joining the Little Dragon class. From a good kid to a GREAT kid, Megan’s daughter has gained confidence and learned crucial lessons about communication and self-respect. Megan proudly asserts that the instructors at Smithfield are truly the best.

Attitude Transformation

Rick Lapointe praises Mastery Martial Arts for the positive changes in his 6-year-old granddaughter. Excited about her classes, she strives to follow the principles taught both at home and school, showing a significant improvement in her attitude. Rick is impressed by the professionalism and talent of the instructors, who serve as excellent role models.

3j Platnum shares the story of their daughter Tenaya, who has been with Mastery for four years. The program has helped her develop a more relaxed attitude and better rule-following abilities. Mr. Pezzillo’s personalized attention has been invaluable in Tenaya’s journey, and they eagerly anticipate her continued progress in the program.

Michael Esposito expresses his satisfaction with the East Greenwich location, where his son Benjamin has shown remarkable improvements in attitude and behavior. The enthusiastic instructors have made a significant impact, and Michael couldn’t be happier with the results.

Leadership Skills

Olivia The A-M-A-zing reflects on how Mastery has fostered her daughter’s leadership skills. Learning to speak up and stand by her values, her daughter has also embraced teamwork and physical activity. Olivia appreciates the Johnston Mastery staff for encouraging well-rounded individuals who excel academically and in training.

Nicole Remington recounts the incredible transformation of her son Johnathan, who overcame crippling anxiety to become a confident leader. Mastery has provided him with the tools, encouragement, and guidance needed to thrive in the world, making it one of the best decisions Nicole has made for her boys.

Chealsea Pizzi highlights how Mastery Martial Arts has become an integral part of her family’s life. The program aligns perfectly with their values, fostering leadership qualities in their daughter. Chealsea is impressed by the dedication of Mr. West and his team, who ensure that each child gains the confidence and skills to lead.

Socialization and Self-Esteem

Eric Burgess shares the remarkable progress of his daughter since joining Mastery in 2022. Initially shy and reserved, she now confidently helps her peers and is a joy to be around. The life lessons and physical benefits of karate have profoundly impacted her life.

Simply Me describes the transformation in their son Scotty, who overcame shyness and low self-confidence. With the support of Mastery’s instructors, Scotty has made great friendships and grown more confident in just two years.

Ken A praises Mastery for helping his son, who struggled with extreme shyness, social anxiety, and low confidence. The encouragement and professionalism of the staff have enabled his son to thrive in various aspects of life, including school and family relationships.

Overcoming Bullying

Ally Borque shares how Mastery has empowered her daughter to stand up to bullies and set goals. The instructors have become role models for Lilly, teaching her life skills and the importance of giving her best effort.

Lorianne Brynes recounts her son’s journey from being bullied to regaining his confidence and joy. The supportive environment at Mastery and the guidance of Mr. Russo and his team have been instrumental in this transformation.

Building Focus and Discipline

Stephanie Thompson describes how Mastery has provided a lifestyle change for her son, improving his reading, school performance, and overall behavior. The discipline and focus instilled at Mastery have made a significant impact.

Robin Brown notes the improvements in her daughter’s focus and self-control, both at school and home, since joining Mastery. She encourages other families to try the program, confident they will not be disappointed.

Debby Clancy states that Mastery Martial Arts is by far the best program she’s ever been involved with. The program not only teaches martial arts but also the most important “real life” lessons that will stay with the students. Her granddaughter has improved her behavior and focus, and has learned valuable skills such as respect, confidence, and responsibility.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Kesley Quigley reflects on the developmental benefits of Mastery for her child, emphasizing the program’s game-based learning approach that builds both physical and psychological skills. The structured classes and positive reinforcement have significantly boosted her child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Cheryl Arnold shares the joy of watching her grandson transform into a confident leader. While there are occasional setbacks, the life skills taught at Mastery help him quickly get back on track.

Amanda Coleman talks about her son who was shy and needed to learn self-confidence. Over time, he became more outgoing and his self-esteem grew. He looks forward to his sessions and has set goals for himself. Amanda appreciates the positive role models at Mastery.

ADHD and Special Needs

Kim Hunter expresses her amazement at the improvements in her ADHD son since joining Mastery. The inclusive and attentive instructors have helped her son excel, building his confidence and maturity in a supportive environment.

Mary Ann McCurry praises the consistent encouragement and support her ADHD son has received at Mastery. The program has significantly improved his fitness, confidence, and ability to achieve his goals.

Jeanne Winfield credits Mastery with helping her son manage ADHD without medication. The life skills taught at Mastery have empowered him to set and achieve goals, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Renee Trafford highlights the positive energy from the staff and the improvements in her ADHD son’s behavior since attending Mastery. The structured and enthusiastic environment has been beneficial for him.

C Lu shares the transformation of their son with ADD/ADHD who struggled with low self-esteem. The teachings at Mastery have helped him mature and build a strong mindset, emphasizing respect, responsibility, kindness, and empathy.

Discipline and Respect

Jack Powell discusses how Mastery has impacted his 4-year-old son, improving his confidence, attention, focus, listening, and communication skills. He highly recommends Mastery for any parent looking for an activity that teaches life skills and self-respect.

Wendi Altieri describes the changes in her son Zane, who initially lacked confidence and discipline. Mastery has helped him improve his endurance, complete tasks, and become more respectful. He has grown into a leader.

Brian Bruke shares how Mastery helped his daughter with discipline and listening, transforming her from a shy girl into a social and confident leader. Brian also benefited from the program and enjoys participating alongside his daughter.

Sahana Belle expresses pride in her daughter’s growth in confidence and perseverance. The instructors at Mastery instill valuable qualities like discipline, dedication, and motivation.

Linda Manwaring praises the program for helping her hyperactive grandson learn discipline, listening, and social skills.

Lindsey Fisher talks about her 11-year-old son’s growth in confidence, self-discipline, and overall physical well-being since joining Mastery. The virtual classes provided during the pandemic were especially valuable.

Courtney Perry appreciates the outstanding results seen in her children at Mastery East Greenwich. The program has helped them grow in confidence, discipline, and physical strength.

Zach Andrews highlights the positive changes in his children, who have developed respect, confidence, and maturity through Mastery. He recommends the Smithfield location for its personalized attention.

T.J. Rohrbach shares the incredible changes in his son since joining Mastery in Warwick. His son’s confidence, focus, and excitement have significantly improved.

Samantha Rogers states that Mastery Martial Arts exceeds expectations with awesome leadership and communication. Her child loves and looks forward to the program every week.

Marissa Duckworth shares the positive changes in her son since joining the Leadership classes at Mastery. She highly recommends the program for its impact on confidence and discipline.

Virginia Slaughter expresses her satisfaction with the growth in self-confidence, self-discipline, and composure in her children since joining Mastery Smithfield.

Nicole Remington highlights the transformation in her son, who overcame anxiety and built confidence through Mastery. She credits the program for helping her son thrive.

Leah Thornhill shares the immense growth in confidence and strength seen in her children since starting Mastery. Her son’s emotional moment of pride after breaking a board at a birthday party is a testament to the program’s impact.

Heather Morrissette describes how Mastery has profoundly impacted her daughter’s confidence and self-expression. The discipline, self-respect, and basic responsibilities taught at Mastery have been invaluable.

Gregory Brown praises the leadership program at Mastery for teaching valuable life lessons that his son will use throughout his life.

Deana Mills highlights the vast improvements in her children’s attitude, behavior, and discipline since joining Mastery. The program helps instill good values and set kids up for making good life choices.

Maddie’s World shares how Mastery has positively impacted their son Lincoln, improving his discipline, self-respect, and goal-setting skills.

Douglas Clarke praises Mastery for teaching respect, self-esteem, discipline, and inclusivity. The program encourages hard work and family participation.


These heartfelt testimonials from our Mastery Martial Arts families highlight the profound and lasting impact our program has on children. From building confidence and self-esteem to teaching valuable life skills and improving behavior, Mastery Martial Arts is dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential. We are honored to be a part of their journeys and look forward to continuing to empower the next generation of leaders.

If you’re considering enrolling your child in a program that offers more than just martial arts, we invite you to join the Mastery family. Together, we can help your child grow into a confident, respectful, and disciplined individual ready to take on the world.