What to say When Your child says I’m too scared to try it?

1. Being scared is actually a sign of your strong sense of well-being. You’re thoughtful about your choices. That’s really smart and brave. Can you remember a moment when you felt scared at first, but then you gave it a shot and you nailed it? That courage is still within you!

2. I admire your honesty in sharing your fears, that takes courage too. Isn’t it interesting that people say we are scared when all we’re doing is really recognizing our limitations? You’re cautious, and that will make you learn and do things when you are fully prepared.

3. Fear doesn’t show that you’re weak, it shows that you’re strong enough to acknowledge your feelings. Even superheroes have their moments of fear. Fear only makes you human, and in overcoming it, you become super.

4. You see, being scared is part of life. It’s something we all experience. This doesn’t mean you’re weak. On the contrary, it signals you are aware of your feelings. You know, I’ve seen people hide their fears. But you, you’re open about it. That speaks volumes about your strength.

5. Anyone who’s tried anything for the first time has felt scared. That doesn’t mean they’re not good or capable. It’s totally normal. The fact that you’re even considering trying something new shows you’re already stronger than you think.

6. Do you remember those times when you faced your fears and came out on top? You’ve done it before and you can do it again. It’s okay to feel scared. Even the bravest people feel scared. 

7. Look at you, expressing how you feel without fear of judgment. That’s brave. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. Fear is not a sign of low self-esteem, it’s a sign of self-awareness, and that’s a wonderful trait to have.

8. You know, sometimes people use ‘you’re scared‘ as a way to hurt us. But, what if I told you being scared actually shows you have the depth and wisdom to evaluate situations? When you acknowledge your fears, you’ve already won half the battle.

9. The first step towards success is admitting that you’re scared. That doesn’t mean you’re weak or you have low self-esteem. It simply means you value yourself enough to protect it. I believe, acknowledging fear is one of the bravest things you can do.

10. Each time you confront a fear, you become stronger. This allows you to handle bigger future challenges with ease. So, even if you’re scared right now, remember that it’s shaping you into an even more courageous person. Isn’t that something to treasure about your character


Parenting involves nurturing your child’s innate courage, helping them navigate the choppy waters of fear and uncertainty that new experiences often bring. These responses not only acknowledge and validate your child’s feelings but also equip them with a positive perspective on fear, encouraging them to face challenges head-on. Remember, every guided step they take in facing their fears is a leap toward building a resilient, confident, and brave child. Let’s stand by our young ones, encouraging them to forge paths through their fears, shaping a future punctuated with courage and boundless possibilities

about Mastery Martial Arts

Mastery martial arts offer much more than physical training; they provide a sanctuary of personal development where children learn to replace fear with courage, doubt with confidence, and anxiety with resilience. As parents and guardians, enrolling your child in a martial arts program could be the stepping stone to nurturing a brave, confident, and resilient leader of tomorrow. Let us embrace the holistic growth martial arts foster, paving the way for a future generation armored with self-belief and fortified with unyielding strength.