Build your Childs Confidence so they Always feel Secure.

The kind of Confidence and Security you wish you had growing up.

Money Back Guarantee

We stand up for Kids today, so they have the Strength and Kindness to Stand up for others tomorrow™

A Child's Confidence and Self Esteem affect every decision in their Life.

And It's Difficult for them to be happy when they struggle with the feelings associated with being anxious and insecure. Their inner voice is always questioning their self-worth. This emotional inner battle for them is like trying to fly an airplane without your pilot's license. It’s Dangerous and unsafe.

Parents, we feel your pain when you see your child struggling and why you feel partly responsible for it.

At Mastery we understand the pressures parents feel to help their kids excel in life, get good grades, and navigate the right friend's circle.

Helping to build your child’s Confidence and Self Esteem early in life so they feel safe and avoid some very negative consequences.

That's why we put together this proposal so you can choose the right program to Build your Childs Confidence so they always feel secure and happy.

We have listened to the challenges you have told us about in our Discovery call and we have a custom plan to help your family . This way your child will have the Kind of Confidence and Self Esteem to become a Leader in life.

The process is simple. Read through this outline, so we can start helping your child become a Leader in life.

Don’t waste another day stressing about your Childs future. Leave the coaching to our Mastery Instructors and get ready to watch your child grow strong and confident sooner rather than later. 

Kids Leadership Coach
Greg Horton

Your Child's Current Needs

All Parents love their children. We try to always provide the support and encouragement they need. And we do recognize the importance of building their Confidence and Self Esteem, but where do we begin?

There are 2 different types of choices.

One type is called an Activity. Activities are temporary programs that provide very little future value to a child. Think watching tv, or digital devices.

The second are called Programs. Which are designed with very specific, measurable outcomes, for long term value. Think anything that helps to Builds a Childs Mental, Physical and Emotional well being.

The Mastery Leadership program is designed to build a Childs Confidence the same way we build muscle. The right amount of Resistance and repetition to build Layer upon layer. Where the muscle grows bigger and stronger. Building a child’s Confidence and Self-esteem follows the same process. With each Challenge your child learns to overcome and is rewarded with the belief in themselves, they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

How We Can Help

Over the last 3 Decades we have Perfected how to implement the right amount of challenge and reward to help kids come out on top. Where they Become a Black Belt Leader for life.

That feeling of a well-earned accomplishment. It comes from struggle, challenge, and reward that will build your child’s determination and perseverance that all leaders have in life.

We aren’t talking about Everyone gets a Trophy for Participating.
We are talking about Earned Skill through Focus, Dedication, and Hard Work.

We are talking about Mentally, Physically, and emotionally challenging your child while having fun, where they sense the leadership skills developing within them.

Preparing your child for those difficult teenage years. Where they learn to navigate from an internal frame of reference, and trusting their gut feeling, versus looking for outside approval from friends and peers.

18 Belts to Becoming a Black Belt Leader where your child has the opportunity to test for each new level every 8 weeks. Each level has stripes of recognition from physical challenges, Life skill challenges at home and good grade recognition. All designed to help your child feel and become their Best. 

The Plan

Talk to your child about setting the Goal to become a Black Belt leader. 
Make a decision that the time, energy and investment is worth the outcome. 
Look over the schedule to make sure you can commit to the training. Make the decision that you will positively support your child’s training and growth toward become a black Belt leader. If the answer is yes, Congratulations.

Our team of Mastery Certified Instructors Are ready to help.

3 Great Programs to Choose from

The Mastery Program is a 30 minute class taken twice a week. Each lesson will build your Childs Physical Strength, Mental Focus and Emotional Endurance to teach them how to handle challenges with the Yes I Can mindset for life. Each lesson is the perfect blend of martial arts movement, life skills and the Mastery mindsets. Each lesson your child will walk away feeling like a stronger version of themselves.

The Leadership program is a 45 minute class taken up to 3 classes each week. Along with Mastery, we added a layer of development where we will teach your child how to become a leader for life. This begins with how we will train your child how to communicate with themselves and others while they learn martial arts. This is a proprietary methodology called Triangulation, we created 20 years ago where we have innovated the martial arts industry by combining social confidence skills into the martial arts training.


Legacy Program is a 60 minute class up to 4 times per week. Along with Mastery and Leadership methodology of training. This program adds a 3rd element of Dojo Genius. How we teach the martial arts that creates and engineering mind not through memorization of movements but is a thinking algorithm to Create genius kids. Innovative learning that incorporates Pattern recognition, Pattern Design, Real time composition and Analogies creating the Most innovative Kids martial arts program on the planet. In fact, the this type of training for kids doesn't exist anywhere else in the World.

What's the Cost of Letting it go on this way?

We Know your child won’t Be with Mastery forever, but the Lessons will.

How much is a Lack of Confidence and Self esteem costing kids today? 

How does it effect them at School and in their overall happiness?
What happens when this is carried into their Teenage years?
This can lead to many challenging life situations.
I hear parents saying, I hope He grows out of it.
I always think, What happens if they don’t?

Building your Child’s Confidence and Self Esteem adds enormous Value to their life. Great mindset + Great Choices + Great Actions = Great outcomes, which is determined by the level of your child's Self Esteem. This investment in your child’s development Will pay them dividends for life.

Let's Get Started

We can’t wait to Help your Child become the Strong, Kind, Confident Leader for life.

Here’s what you need to do to get started .

1. Choose the right program 

2. Enroll
3. Let's work Together to build your Child's Confidence and raise a Black Belt leader for life.

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