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I have watched my granddaughter become more confident in herself and more structured. Always tries her best and never gives up. The yes I can attitude, and if she doesn’t do it the first time she learns from it and does it again. The mastery school has given her a lot of tools to use whether she is aware of that or not. Her actions show what they teach great teachers thank you

Daniel Patrick

My wife and I have noticed a change in our daughter standing out more recently to us. She loves mastery but noticed the fore wasn’t quite there. We had a talk with someone that suggested I reach out to Mr. Pezillo (sorry if wrong spelling) to see if he could give us some sound advice since our daughter formed a close bond and trust between child and adult and child and instructor. She valued everything he had to say all the time and was always nervous of letting him down. Well tonight we had a chance to talk and I am believe it or not lacking what to say. Let me start with he was thankful first of all with our kind words and assured us our daughter has a fire still there and he saw it when we signed her up. He also was eager to get involved considering his new position at mastery we thought may be too difficult but he didn’t bat an eye at it and said let’s start with a FaceTime call Wednesday. I could go on and on about the genuine love and respect he has for mastery students and parents alike but there aren’t enough pages for me to go on. So I will end off with……….we are so excited that he is not worried and ready to build that trust/bond/friendship again with him since his promotion and I can’t wait to see the upward change I know only Mr. Pezillo will have on her and us as a family. Thank you mastery for sharing such an amazing teacher/mentor with us. Our daughter learns so many life lessons from you as well as my wife and I. You are very much missed in the Johnston location and we can only pray and hope to once again be able to be with you in classes again. Much love and respect “The Ware Family” ❤️

Suan Ware

My 3 kids started in June and I have seen great progress!! At the beginning they were not to enthusiastic about going to martial arts, but as time went by: They have gained more confidence in themselves. They have learned that it’s not about competition with each other or their peers, it’s about working together as a team. They have also learned to speak with respect!! The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Very friendly atmosphere. Everyone there is AWESOME!! Thanks Mastery 😊

Maritza Morales
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