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Amanda Van Pelt
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My son, Logan, is very active and was having issues in school, as well as at home. I was kind of skeptical at first after reading reviews because Logan was very difficult at times. However, after the first class I noticed a difference and it has continued for the better. At the end of the school year his teacher said she noticed a big difference in his attitude, focus, and participation. Mr West is the best and we absolutely love Mastery!

Michael Cookson
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A great staff & curriculum that supports the students with structure and values that build self-confidence, leadership skills, and physical/emotional well being woven into the martial arts training. Our son has been a part of Mastery Smithfield coming up on 7 years now and his development has been tremendous under the leadership of Mr. West and his team. His personal growth and karate skills have helped shaped him into the young man we are so proud of! Thank you for your role in this!

Rachel Raia
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We came to mastery a little over 6 months ago for a meeting with Mr. Martinez and after the first 5 minutes we knew we wanted our sons to be part of this amazing program. Mastery is so much more than a martial arts school. Our children have improved tremendously during our time here. They are more outspoken, they use their words, they listen better, they have better focus. Mastery is fun and educational. Mastery is helping to prepare our children for the real world. We are so excited to see what's to come for our children here at Mastery.

Sarah Lepire
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I have seen a tremendous improvement in my son's behavior both at home and at school, along with how much his confidence in himself has grown. Joining Mastery was by far one of the best decisions we have made and I cannot wait to watch my son continue this journey!

Yasmin Alb
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My son started with Mastery a little over 1 year ago. He is more confident. He used to say he was stage fright, well recently his teacher said that he is a great public speaker. He says Mastery is that place he feels at home. I am glad to be part of the Mastery community.

Andria Nelson
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I was a wedding and event coordinator for 15 years. I had great reviews and saw fantastic events.., But I will say that Michael Pezzillo from Mastery martial Arts in East Greenwich threw the best birthday party!! All the children and parents had the best time! I haven't seen a 6 yr old party like this in years!

Kim Hunter
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My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age 4 and it has always been hard to find group sports or activities where he won't get lost in the crowd. He also has some language delays and can miss instructions very easily. I was apprehensive about martial arts in fear that it was too structured and he would not be able to follow along or wouldn't fit in. In a few short weeks at Mastery Martial Arts in East Greenwich my son has excelled beyond all expectations. The instructors are so incredibly attentive and inclusive with all of the children and adjust class to support all learning and physical abilities. All families are welcomed and included with an immediate sense of belonging. I am shocked at the changes and improvements we are seeing at home with an improvement in attitude and confidence towards everything. My son has grown and matured so much in a few weeks. He wants to practice and get stronger and applies lessons learned in class at home and in school. It's exciting to see how much more is possible as he grows with Mr. Pezzillo and his team of instructors at Mastery. The lessons in leadership and confidence are things that are hard to teach but they do it so effortlessly. These lessons will serve my son throughout his life. This was by far the best decision and best investment in my son and I only wish I had signed up sooner.

Krystle Greika
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We weren't sure what to expect when we signed up our boys ages 5 and 3, but the instructors here have been so understanding and patient with our very active boys. My sons look forward to karate every week and they have learned a lot in the short time they have been attending. They have good class times to choose from so if one day doesn't work you can choose a different day. So if you're thinking about it, you have nothing to lose since they give you a trial week to see if it's the right fit for you and your kids!

Eduardo Miller
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This is disguised as a martial arts school, but it's truly a leader-making program. This is a black belt leadership school. You will find more ways to be proud of and show off your kids than you ever thought of. Instruction is by peers and role models relatable to the students. 10/10 stars hands down.

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