Which Program is Best for your Child's Future?


Martial Arts

30-minute classes
2x per week
for 12 Months

The Mastery Program
is a 30 minute, not-your-typical Martial Arts class taken twice a week.

Each lesson will
build your child's

Physical Strength
Mental Focus
Emotional Endurance

It will teach them how to handle challenges with a
“Yes I Can!”
mindset for life.

It is the perfect blend of martial arts movement, life skills, and the
Mastery mindsets.

(for 12 months - $2,364)

One time payment


Help Your Child Become
a Leader for Life

45-minute classes
up to 3x per week

The Leadership Program
is a 45-minute class taken up to 3x per week following the Mastery class.

This is an additional 15-minute layer of development where we teach your child
essential leadership skills
as well as
vital, life-altering communication skills,
while they also learn
martial arts.

We call this
Mastery Triangulation,
which we created over 20 years ago, revolutionizing the martial arts industry by combining social confidence skills and martial arts training in the same class.

(for 12 months - $2,988)

One time payment each year for 2 years
(save $582 over two years)


Bring Out the Genius in Your Child

60-minute classes
up to 4x per week
for 36 Months

The Legacy Program is our SIGNATURE PROGRAM
and is a 60-minute class taken up to 4x per week following the Mastery and Leadership classes.

This is an additional 15-minute layer on top of the first two programs, offering truly, once-in-a-lifetime teaching and training of the martial arts curriculum with intelligence built in.

We call it “Dojo Genius,”
where we teach martial arts that creates an engineering mind, not through memorization of movements, but through a thinking algorithm to create genius kids.

This is truly innovative learning that incorporates pattern recognition, pattern design,
real time composition,
and analogies.

It is the most innovative child’s martial arts program on the planet. This type of training does not exist anywhere else in the world for children.

(for 12 months - $3,564)

One time payment each year for 3 years
(save $1,773 over three years)

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